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There are kisses sprinkled throughout Show’s mid-to-late episodes, and, Yang Yang demonstrates much better, if she would’ve kissed Xiao Nai right back, like the awesome, strong, capable female lead I’d first pegged her to be.

Still, despite Zheng Shuang not being much help in this department, Yang Yang single-handedly made the kiss scenes quite spine-tingly and squee-worthy, and therefore another highlight of my watch. All of the trust Another thing that I found very refreshing indeed, is the extreme levels of trust among many of our main characters. Stuff stays simple Thanks to the solid amount of trust between our characters, in general, I found that conflicts and tensions got solved relatively quickly in this drama world.

Yes, there are times when that trust is put to the test, but more often than not, instead of taking a side-step into a Big Misunderstanding that drags on for episode upon episode, Show puts the unshakable quality of our key relationships on display instead. No angst lasted for very long, and trust and loyalty would ultimately triumph.

This makes for an interesting, almost “You’ve Got Mail” sort of set-up, which I feel inexplicably drawn to.

Cao Guang (Bai Yu) smearing her reputation doesn’t even give her pause.

She does what she can to set the record straight, but doesn’t let it get to her when he’s a jerk and refuses to believe her.

I’d poked at this tentatively, but fled hastily at the CGI. THE APPEAL Right away, like, in just the first 2 episodes, I found that this show felt refreshing in a nice number of ways. Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) came across as independent, strong, smart, unafraid to speak up for herself to solve her computer problems; she simply buys the parts and fixes her own laptop.

I also love that she’s not easily cowed, nor easily discouraged.

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