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The research revealed how the tree changed its behavior and anatomy to avoid drought-induced damage: “As the rainy seasons ended, the tree shed its leaves, and formed smaller stem vessels.

This was in contrast with the beginning of the two rainy seasons, when the tree had full leaf cover and larger stem vessels in its growth ring,” said Mulugeta.

These strategies— dropping leaves and reducing vessel size—helped the plant minimize water loss and cope with drought.

“What is interesting about this species is that it sheds its leaves twice a year and forms two rings in a year in concurrence with the biannual rainfall pattern.

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Policy incentives could be used to promote farmer-managed natural regeneration of the trees and to reduce the degradation of dryland forests and woodlands where , and other frankincense-producing trees occur naturally.

Other priorities would include developing more sustainable tapping methods for the resin, improving post-harvest handling and marketing, and conducting research aimed at domesticating the tree, so it can be grown on farms as an agroforestry species.

With attention to sustainability, the frankincense tree will continue to give the gift of its precious resin, but also the important environmental services that dryland trees provide.

The study was part of his MSc degree at Wageningen University, with research conducted in his native Ethiopia’s Arero district, at the ICRAF dendrochronology laboratory, and at the dendrochronology lab of Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Ethiopia.

Under the joint supervision and collaboration of scientists from Wageningen university, ICRAF and Ethiopia, Mulugeta focused on the frankincense tree’s responses to water availability.

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The ban “created favourable environmental conditions for to successfully colonize the study area,” explains Gebrekirstos.

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